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 Na bosanskom jeziku  Using Finite Element Method in digitising thin-walled products

Project Title

Using Finite Element Method in digitising thin-walled products

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Project Coordinator University of Zenica, Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Project Partners Slovenian Tool Development Centre TECOS, Celje, Slovenia
Project Timeline 2006 - 2007
Financing Source Bilateral project BiH - Slovenia
Project Description Thin-walled products made of metal or polymers which are manufactured by pressing, moulding, forging, bending or similar procedures, usualy contain residual stresses, tending to deform them. If these products are used as parts of assemblies, it is necessary to perform dimensional control to check if they can be used in deformed shape. Such measurements consist of at least 4 phases: positioning, clamping, measurement and dismounting. It is hard to automate such a process, because it requires special clamping assembly to be designed and manufactured for every specific product.
This project's idea is to find the method to measure elasticaly deformed product by means of optical measurement device, without clamping. Measurement results of freely supported products can be then computer processed, for example by means of FEM, in order to answer if these products are usable in assemblies, and are geometric parameters within given tolerances.
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