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 Na bosanskom jeziku  Prof. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović, Ph.D. - CV

NerminaPersonal Data

Name   Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović
Title   professor
Phone   +387 32 449 138
Fax   +387 32 246 612
E-mail   nzaimovic@mf.unze.ba
Date of brith   14/2/1954
Place of birth   Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

Areas of Scientific Interest

- Metrology: Measurement uncertainty, metrological infrastructure, production metroogy
- Mechanics: Numerical and experimental methods in mechanics
- Product development: Techniques of prototyping, Laser methods

Education   . Ph.D. in technical sciences, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, 1993
. Master of technical sciences, University of Mostar, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Mostar, 1985
. Graduate mechanical engineer, Production mechanical engineering, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo, 1977
. High school "29 Novembar", 1972
. Elementary school, 1968
Work experience   . Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2010 - present
. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, 1978-2010
. Steelworks "Zenica", 1977-1978
Teaching   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica:
. undergraduate courses: Metrology, Statics
. graduate courses: Numerical methods of stress and strain calculation, Technical diagnostics, Finite element method

Faculty of Technical Sciences in Bihać:
. undergraduate courses: Strength of Materials, Metrology Faculty of Civil Engineering in Mostar:
. undergraduate courses: Mechanics I and Mechanics II. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Mostar:
. undergraduate courses: Statics

FEM Tuzla - courses held in Zenica:
. undergraduate courses: Mechanics

FEM Tuzla:
. undergraduate courses: Laser Technologies
. graduate courses: Flexibile Technologies, Techniques of Classical and Virtual Prototyping

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo:
. undergraduate courses: Metrology
International cooperation   . Study visit, Technical University in Ostrava, Czech Republic, April, 1989
. Fulbright scholarship, University of Massachusetts, USA, 1998/1999
. Tempus JEP project, Imperial College, London, UK, September 2000
. Study visit, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen -Nuremberg, March 2000. Germany
. Guest professor, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen -Nuremberg, March 2002. Germany
. Study visit, University of Catalonya, Barcelona, April 2002, Spain
. Tempus Cards project, Coordinate metrology, 2004, Germany
. Tempus Cards project, Production metrology, 2005, Germany
. Technical University Graz, 2004, Austria
. Bilateral project, POLYRPT (Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling of Polymers), 2003/2004, and 2005/2006 Slovenia
. CDP+ WUS project, "Metrology", 2006, Austria
. SCM Tempus project, Postgraduate Master Course "Metrology", 2006/2007, Germany
Books and other publications   . List of publications
Expertises and project reports   . Numerous expertises, studies and reports on measurement and analysis of stress and strains
. Took part in numerous workshops on quality
. Lead project between region Piemonte, Italy and Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia
Other activities   . Member of International Program Committee for the International Symposium on Measurement and Quality Control (ISMQC), Osaka, Japan
. Reviewer for CROLAB - Croatian Laboratories Newsletter
. President of the B&H Quality Associazion, since 16.5.2009
. Member of Metrology Council of the Institute for metrology of B&H, since 2008
. Bosnia International Forum, signatory and co-founder
. President of scientific board of journal "Mašinstvo"
. Organizational and scientific-review committee of the International conference TMT and Quality
. Jury president of the international trade fair ZEPS
. Member of Senate at the University of Sarajevo 2000-2003
. Member of B.E.N.A. Balkan Environmental Association
. Member of gender canton group and women groups
. President of Executive committee of Association of mechanical engineers of Zenica-Doboj Canton
. Member of Management board of Association for robotics B&H
Foreign languages   English
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