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 Na bosanskom jeziku  Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory for measurements:

Expandable framework for construction testing 1800 x 1800 mm with assembly for load simulation and accompanying equipment
Portable measurement system for telemetric measurements SCADA with amplifier, concentrator, piezoelectric and resistive sensors, data processing software and other features
Software LabView 6i
Multimedia PC lab with 12 computers, projector and 100 Mbps LAN
3D scanner Nextengine
Graphical workstation IBM Intellistation M Pro
Coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Contura G2 700 Aktiv (measurement range: 700x1000x600 mm, measurement uncertainty according to ISO 10360-2: MPE_E=(1,8+L/300 μm, MPE_P=1,8 μm)
CMM software Calypso CNC Geometry
CMM software Calypso IGES Converter
Granite gauging plate 1000x630x100 mm
Digital height measurer (0-600 mm)
Digital caliper (0-150 mm)
Set of digital micrometers (0-25 mm, 25-50 mm, 50-75 mm, 75-100 mm)
Screws for indoor measurement in 3 points (40-150 mm)
Set of parallel gauges (87 kom.)
Caliper with timer (0-150 mm)
Set of measuring tools M5
Set of screws for precise indoor measuring (50-850 mm)
Set of 6 micrometers (0-150 mm)
Set of micrometers (150-300 mm)
Device for fine indoor measuring (18-35 mm)
Device for fine indoor measuring (35-50 mm)
Radius measurer(1,0-7,0 mm)
Screw pitch gauge (0,4-7,0 mm)
Universal corner measurer 200 mm
Magnetic stand
Digital measuring timer 12,5 mm
Digital thickness measurer 0-20 mm
Deepness measurer 0-100 mm
Micrometer for indoor measuring in 3 points (11-20 mm)

Laboratory for automation and robotics:

Industrial robot Mitsubishi Melfa RV-2AJ-S12
(Payload: 2 kg, Repeatability: 0.04 mm)

Laboratory for electrical engineering:

  • Worktables equipped with various power sources with varying type and level of voltage, and educational devices for exercises in electrical engineering and electronics.
  • Educational devices for demonstration of DC, asynchronous, synchronous and collector machines (especially electrical motors).
  • Educational devices for digital electronics exercises.
  • Sets of analogue and digital instruments for measurement of electrical, mechanical and other values.

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