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Course decsription:

faculty: Mechanical Engineering
lecturer: prof. Malik Čabaravdić, Ph.D.
assistant: prof. Malik Čabaravdić, Ph.D.
semester: VII (winter)
department: Engineering product design, Manufacturing technologies management, Environmental Engineering, Maintenance
weekly number of hours: 3+2
ECTS credits:
Lectures Exercises Seminar paper Consultations Written exam Oral exam Total
1,5 1 0,5 0,5 1 2 6,5


Introduction to automation (levels of automation, stability, analysis and synthesis of a control system). Dynamic systems - mathematical approach. System description, linearization, time response, frequency response, Laplace transformation. Analysis in time domain (standard test functions, time response of main elements). Analysis in complex domain. Transfer function of basic and complex systems, block diagrams, transfer function of the loop by constant and tracking control. Analysis in frequency domain. Sinus transfer function. Graphic presentation of frequency response (Nyquist diagram, Bode diagrams, Nichols diagram). Frequency response of basic systems, graphic analysis of complex systems. Control paths. Control elements (analysis of their components, especially controllers). Analysis of the control loop (transfer function of the loop by constant and tracking control, Nyquist stability criterion, Bode presentation of Nyquist stability criterion, accuracy of a control loop). Synthesis of control loop (synthesis of servomechanisms by compensation, process synthesis by choice of controller). Parameter optimization by method of optimal modulus (amount) and by method of symmetric optimum.
The exercises are auditory and laboratory. Problems from the topics that are subjects of the lectures are solved on the auditory exercises. Realization of basic control systems, mapping of their characteristics and of transfer functions of their main components are subjects of the laboratory exercises.
Exam consists of written test and oral examination.
A. Gavranović "Automatizacija nefleksibilnih i fleksibilnih proizvodnih sistema", Mašinski fakultet u Zenici, Zenica, 1999.
M. Hebibović "Teorija automatskog upravljanja", Elektrotehnički fakultet u Sarajevu, Sarajevo, 2003.
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