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 Na bosanskom jeziku  Measurement technique

Course decsription:

faculty: Mechanical Engineering
lecturer: prof.dr. Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović
assistant: Samir Lemeš, Ph.D.
semester: VII (winter)
department: Engineering product design, Manufacturing technologies management, Environmental Engineering, Maintenance
weekly number of hours: 3+3 (4+4 for Manufacturing technologies management department)
ECTS credits:
Lectures Exercises Seminar paper Consultations Written exam Oral exam Total
1,5 1,5 1 0,5 1 2 7,5

Teaching materials (in Bosnian language):



Introduction, terms and definitions. Metrology goals, areas of metrology, control using measurement, postulates of measurement, terms in metrology, units and development through history, meter convention, structure of system, traceability, measurement methods. Mechanical values measurement. Principles of measurement, electrical measurement. Electromechanical analogy. Wheatstone bridge in measurement. Measurement of electrical values. Transducers. Division of transducers. Types, active and passive transducers. Temperature measurements. Definitions. International scale ITS90. Liquid thermometer, resistance thermometer. Thermocouples. Pyrometer. Measurement procedures. Calibration. Time, frequency, displacement and velocity measurements Length definition. Length ,distance, reference datum, velocity and vorticity measurement. Time scales, signals, GPS traceability of frequency and time, position defining. Pressure and fluid flow measurement. Instrumentation, principles, manometer, piezoelectric pressure sensors, measurement procedures. Measurement trueness. Uncertainty of measurements, errors and types of errors, procedure for GUM uncertainty definition, distributions. Vibrations. Definitions, signals, time and frequency domain, frequency analysis, instruments and measurement procedures. Measurement results and analysis. Production measurements. Principles and rules in production measurements, measurement tools and instruments, manual instruments. Production measurements-CMM. Basic principles of computer measuring machines, shape, measuring principles, plane, nanometrology and roughness. Optical measurements. Optics theory, electromagnetic spectrum, geometrics and physical optics, waves and quantum optics, laser measurement techniques and interferometry.
Auditorial, laboratory and practical training. Examples, include calculations of measurement results, LABVIEW practical education, virtual instruments. Length, angle measurements and calculation of derived results. Practical training in the calibration and testing laboratories.
Prerequisite. Students are obliged to finish report upon theme and defend it. Exam is oral and integral.
(1) Zaimović-Uzunović N.: Mjerna tehnika, Mašinski fakultet, Zenica, 1997.,
(1) Zaimović-Uzunović N.; Mjeriteljska infrastruktura, Mašinski fakultet, Zenica, 2003.
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