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 Na bosanskom jeziku  Postgraduate study "Metrology"

Project Title

Postgraduate study "Metrology"

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Project Coordinator University of Zenica, Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Project Partners Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Deutschland,
Lehrstuhl Qualitätsmanagement und Fertigunsmesstechnik

Univerza u Mariboru, Slovenija,
Fakulteta za strojni¹tvo

Zenica-Doboj Canton,
Ministry for education, science, culture and sport
Project Timeline 15/10/2006 - 14/10/2007
Project Web Site www.pomacom.unze.ba
Financing Source EU TEMPUS SCM (Structure and Complementary Measures)
Project Description Postgraduate Master Study "Metrology" is organized as international Tempus project with Universities Erlangen, Germany and Maribor, Slovenia, and it is realised at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica. The duration of Postgraduate Master Study is 1 (one) academic year, i.e. 2 (two) semesters. The courses conforms to 4+1 study system according to Bologna declaration and it worths 60 ECTS credits . The first semester courses are realised between 15.12.2006 andd 15.3.2007, and the second semester courses between 15.4.2007 and 15.7.2007. When students finish these courses, they will write their Master theses according to the rules of the University of Zenica.
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